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Oasis Ornamentals

We are a wholesale nursery serving Walton, Barrow, Clarke, Oconee, and Gwinnett Counties, Metro-Atlanta, and all of Northeast Georgia. We provide ornamental trees, a wide variety of junipers and hollies, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, and perennials. We are confident that our outstanding variety of plants and our devotion to quality service will meet and exceed all of your landscaping needs. At Oasis Ornamentals no job is ever too big or small, so let us be a part of your next landscaping project.


We are proud members of several Green Industry associations such as; GGIA and the UAC. Being a member of these organizations has helped better inform and involve Oasis Ornamentals in the Green Industry and what it has to offer by keeping us updated on trends, techniques, and services. At Oasis Ornamentals we take pride in and strongly support the highest ethical standards for which the Green Industry stands for such as; honest dealing, quality plant material, and trustworthy customer service. Click on the links below to view these association’s websites.

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